Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Hello World,

I've been gone away from my blog spot for the longest due to a crazy year filled with ups and downs. Finally I found time to think and clear my thoughts while on the beach on Florida where has been my place of residence throughout this NBA pre-draft process. I've dealt with all criticism for my decision to forego my senior season as a Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket, I understand peoples perspectives fully and take all criticism as productive criticism and have been working diligently to be better which has help drive me through the workouts that I've been to as well as the Draft Combine in Chicago.

The opportunity ahead of my is a blessing that I'm extremely thankful for. Basketball is my anti-drug, my hobby, what keeps me out of trouble and so much more! To be in a class of the elite players in the World is an honor and an opportunity I won't take for granted. In my heart I know I'm ready and this summer I will be spending all my time in the gym and taking care of my money maker (my body) haha.

I want to thank all those people that are close to me and support what I do, to every fan that ever cheered for me, to those back home that follow my progress because the support and strength that you all help to provide me with helps me tremendously and means the world to me.

As my phone vibrates on my hip throughout the day I know that sometimes I don't get to respond to everyone or respond on time because I'm busy but to those that know me know that if I could I would talk to EVERYONE! I never want people to feel that I've changed for the wrong, changes will happen but IMAN will be IMAN!!!!

Thank you....

-Iman Shumpert


  1. Wussup man, I just want to congratulate you on officially becoming a NY Knick. I look forward to watching you play and take on all the nay sayers, and contribute to a new revitalized Knick franchise.

    2nd!...I saw in an interview that you rap, I'm a music producer and would love to work with you when you make your way to nyc. I am currently signed to Tybu Productions (credits include 50 cent, snoop, jay-z, dmx, tony yayo, busta rhymes, red & meth) the list goes on!

    but yeah, holla at me, and again...congratulations.

    - Owen Hill Jr

  2. i just want to say that you must bring defense back to NY. use your natural gifts and hone them as best you can. however, the best thing you can do is learn to listen and think before you speak. the media will hang onto every word you say and it will take a strong mind to deal with them.

    always pray, always strive to get better and handle your finances as best you can.if you play for money, then you dont appreciate the opportunity youve been given. its about showing the world who you are and using hard work to make them remember your name.

    whenever you think that youre just a ROLE player or a bench warmer
    watch this


    this is OUR history my dude. there isnt a single man on that vid who isnt a hero to us knicks fans young and old. each man hustled. there were NO weak men on that squad. times have changed though, but you can be the one who brings history back.

    defense wins the game. shots do not fall with great defense.

    ps. your coach is an old man with outdated schemes but they still work. i hear they can be complicated. dont let them get you too far down. take your time and learn em. you can do this man.

    if you ever need advice bro, drop me a line on facebook. Tehron Freeman

    good luck brother man. and congrats to you and your family.

  3. Hey Iman,

    Congratulations on your big day and the start to a great career. My name is Robert, I write for COMPLEX Magazine (www.complex.com). Seeing as though you're heavy into the sneaker game, we were wondering if you'd like to do a sneaker feature with us? For example, breaking down your top 25 sneakers of all-time? Let me know, when you get a chance. Didn't know where else to hit you up, aside from twitter.

    Thanks and best of luck,



  4. Yo Iman... Im a DIE HARD Knick fan, SINCE back in those days where players could get into scuffles without getting a tech and ish... those NYK INDIANA/BULLS/ROCKETS rivalry days... and the past 10 years did suck, in terms of being a KNICK fan... but Ive remained loyal and watched every Loss and Every win... People booed, when Stern called your name... I was like IMAN WHO??? I quickly searched youtube for your highlights... get to know you and stuff and I am IMPRESSED, EXCITED, even for JORTS... You guys are the (should be) the vocal point of our DEFENSE along with the others... even though you cannot be the teams FULL leader, you can be the teams defensive leader, you and JORTS... I bet if you can hold it down defensively, lower our Opponents PPG, we would def make it deep in the playoffs.. Man im excited for the upcoming season... Play smart, don't chuck cuz u have mad scoring options, and just stay true!! Welcome to New YORK man, WE LOVE YOU OUT HERE TRUST

  5. Hello Son,

    I am soooo.... proud of you. I pray that your skills reach exponential peaks. Keep God at the top of your list.

    Love Mrs. Holliday (Xavier's mom)