Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Hello World,

I've been gone away from my blog spot for the longest due to a crazy year filled with ups and downs. Finally I found time to think and clear my thoughts while on the beach on Florida where has been my place of residence throughout this NBA pre-draft process. I've dealt with all criticism for my decision to forego my senior season as a Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket, I understand peoples perspectives fully and take all criticism as productive criticism and have been working diligently to be better which has help drive me through the workouts that I've been to as well as the Draft Combine in Chicago.

The opportunity ahead of my is a blessing that I'm extremely thankful for. Basketball is my anti-drug, my hobby, what keeps me out of trouble and so much more! To be in a class of the elite players in the World is an honor and an opportunity I won't take for granted. In my heart I know I'm ready and this summer I will be spending all my time in the gym and taking care of my money maker (my body) haha.

I want to thank all those people that are close to me and support what I do, to every fan that ever cheered for me, to those back home that follow my progress because the support and strength that you all help to provide me with helps me tremendously and means the world to me.

As my phone vibrates on my hip throughout the day I know that sometimes I don't get to respond to everyone or respond on time because I'm busy but to those that know me know that if I could I would talk to EVERYONE! I never want people to feel that I've changed for the wrong, changes will happen but IMAN will be IMAN!!!!

Thank you....

-Iman Shumpert