Wednesday, September 29, 2010


The case of Bishop Eddie Long is crazy man....I think I believe this dude and then an interview like this really stands out to me....this is wild


So lately Wale has been a topic of discussion. What gets me about Wale is his sense of style and consistent word play. He has an original style on the mic as well as his style in getting dressed. Has anyone seen the No Hands video? Check @Wale with the Louis Vuitton beanie on....gotta cop that joint....


Iman Shumpert

Check my ramblin wreck head shot...hahahaha let's have a good season this year....

Let's Go TECH


To all the Georgia Tech fans I just want you to know that the Men's Basketball team is working hard. We are doing at least 2 workouts a day 5 days a week. Weekends are tme to rest the body and get treatment but also time to get in the gym and shoot light shots and a ton of free throws. Due to the loss of Gani Lawal and Derrick Favors and along with the departure of Zach Peacock and D'Andre Bell our basketball team takes on a new look. We focus more on speed and athleticism this year and we are banking on our fan base to stand behind us because our style of play desires a loud THRILLER DOME....let's take over the ACC and prove the doubters wrong....Here's the Georgia Tech 2010 Men's Basketball Schedule!!! Be THERE OR BE SQUARE!!

I'm 50 TYSON

For a while I thought this was a dude that just wasn't good on the I know that 50 Tyson spits even though he has autism...can't knock his ya thang bro

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Sundays are a day of rest...praise of the discussions in the room with your teammates...talking on the phone with your significant other....talking on the phone with family members...getting advice from your grandmother...laundry...venting about the week you have ahead of you...thanks to your life and everything that you've experienced so far...

Everyone make sure your SUNDAY is appreciated and productive!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Everyone that knows me knows that kick game is a BIG DEAL to me. There are many sneakers heads in this world and sometimes we are just misunderstood. I think that this commercial pretty much sums up how I feel because this is exactly what I do when I see an attractive woman. lol. PURE COMEDY!!! CHECK IT OUT


Wale decided to put a video behind his lyrical word slaughter. Walking the streets of DC he goes on the "The Work" freestyle off the More About Nothing Mixtape that has everyone going crazy....check it out....he's one of the BEST right now!!! #chuuurch


Chris Brown can hoop?

LoLa Monroe > Nikki Minaj

Sunday, September 12, 2010


The line is BLVCK SCVLE (Black Scale) and its DOPE!!!

I been on my shopping thang lately and I found a new line with some dope stuff...thought I'd let y'all know. Due to all chicago snapbacks being sold out I have to spend my money in other ways lol.

iMan's iPod Right Now....

Right now I'm listening to albums/mixtapes all the way are the albums....

Big Sean - Finally Famous 3

Wale - More About Nothing

DaBeau of 3ABM - Phitted Hats n Nike Shoes

Meek Mill - Mr. Philadelphia

Bump J - Remember Me

Young Jeezy - 1000 Grams