Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I've always been the type
Attracted to the money
Attacking anyone
That was in the bracket of the money
I spend it when i got it
I flip it for a profit
Drive by it's me n something like a goddess
In the cockpit
Bread in the toaster
That's money in my wallet
Crushed denim graphic tee
I don't need a stylist
Exhausted...packing....Always got somewhere to go
Direct flights
Catching up on Fresh-n-Proper radio
Getting chauffeured from the airport
I don't need a rental
Hooping in facilities that y'all can't get into
Kick something for the camera
Off a random instrumental
Then hit the stu with Phlyy
We making something monumental!!!
911 flow it's going down like that towers
I switch the HAT, KICKS, and FIT like every couple hours
The coolest dude ever unaffected by the time
You can stick me in the 80s
I'm still the dopest of my time

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